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Outdoor Products > Knife Sharpener > 7161
  • Item no.
  • Specification
  • Material
    Plastic,Ceramics,Tungsten Steel
  • Packing
    Each in a opp bag
  • Description
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Portable/Pocket Knife Sharpener 
1.Coarse & Fine sharpening Two Step 
2. pocket size and with key chain. 
3. OEM accepted
4.Mini Knife Sharpener--Coarse & Fine sharpening Stages 
5.Suitable for outdoor users

Mini Knife Sharpener adopts two pieces whetting design, which increases the whetting speed and quality greatly. Coarse grinding part adopts high rigidity carbide, removing the cutter surface metal by cutting steel scraps to modify a dull edge. The fine grinding part uses wearable ceramic materials, which modify the edge and increase the blade quality. Super strong materials ABS in adoption in main body, guaranteed the product external appearance bright, and meet the environmental protection request. Portable and mini designs, takes up little space. Moreover, hanging bead chain designed, easy to store.


        ●     Special soft nonskid rubber feet for safety.

        ●     Two step design ensures the whetting speed and quality every time.

        ●     Preset sharpening angles provide guaranteed results. 

        ●     The bead chain designed for easy to access and storage.

        ●     Suitable for kitchen knives, outdoor knives, hunting knives, etc.