• Company Profile

    OFS Industrial Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2004, we mainly produce metal key accessory products.

    With complete production process, strict quality control, and complete packaging equipment,
    we can provide high quality products and efficient service to customers from order to delivery, and also help customers to keep a certain advantage of shipping speed and price in the market.

    In response to the needs of customers, OFS built a new factory "Round Feng Hardware " Factoryin Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China in 2009.
    Major equipment: Punching Machine, Lathe/Processing Machine, Plastic Injection Molding Machine, and Skin/Blister Packaging Equipment.

    A. The main products are Key Accessories for Europe and the United States.

    1. Key Reels
    2. Belt Hooks
    3. Quick Releases :Pull Apart Key Ring/ -Way Pull Apart Key Ring/Plastic Pull Apart Key Ring
    4. Wire Type Key Ring
    5. Aluminum / Plastic, Paper Tag, Plastic Key Cup
    6. Magnetic Key Hiders / Rock Key Hider
    7. Metal Key Ring, Leather Key Ring
    8. Ball Shape Key Ring, Shoe Shape Key Ring

    B. Professional development of metal gifts/multi-functional Swiss knife,multi- functional tool pliers, mini tool group, Poly crafts (simulation products)

    C. Over 10 years, we have developed and produced a considerable number of products for many companies in Taiwan,
    such as: Intel (doll series), Johnnie Walker doll, high-speed rail modeling (mobile power bank), the US brand Nuggy (special tools)

    We have a professional control system and processes.
    With the spirit of high quality and efficiency, we do product design, development and production, and finally deliver products to customer's hands!

    OFS is committed to building an honest, trustworthy, professional and careful service-oriented business arena, with the attitude of the most honest and do the most stringent production quality to serve customers.
    Welcome to contact us always!