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Fish Plier
  • Item no.
  • Specification
  • Material
    Aluminum&Stainless Steel
  • Packing
    Oxford Sheath
  • Description
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Aluminum Fishing Pliers Multifunctional Fishing Tackle
        ●     Comprised of a aluminum pliers, lanyard and a sheath.
        ●     The handle is made of aviation aluminum material, lightweight and durable.
        ●     The corrosion resistant stainless steel serrated Jaw can hold and split the hooks securely when remove the lures. 
        ●     The Tungsten blade help to cut the fishing lines easily and quickly. 
        ●     The Retractable tether attached to the pliers, preventing drop or loss.
        ●     Easy for one hand use.
        ●     A great addition to any fisherman's tackle box.
        ●     Fishing tool.
        ●     Cutting lines/wires.
        ●     Remove lures and hooks.
        ●     Fix the sinker.